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Small School Choice V1.5


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Description of
Small School Choice
The name itself implies that specialized software package which suites all small school’s ranging students in hundreds. This software will help the schools to structuralize the activities and maintain data transparency where needed and properly store data for regular operations and future analysis.


+ Handles huge data
+ Improves school performance
+ Increases school reputation
+ Flexibility to add more modules
+ User friendly
+ Centralized monitoring
+ Available online and offline
+ Easy to access
+ Module customization available
+ Easy reports

List of Modules Available in the package:

■ Administrator : This module is about administrator rights. It will help you to add unlimited number of Administrators like HR, Accountant, Security, Front Office Staff etc and to provide them access permissions.

■ Setup : The Setup module will help you to enter all required basic information so that software get‘s synchronized to your present structure. i.e Institute Details , Groups / Classes / Subjects ,Exams, Fees and Installment details.

■ Front Office : Managing an effective admissions process is essential to every institute, with the help of Front Office module you will dramatically reduce administration time.

■ Pre-Admission : The Pre-Admission module is quick admit process, it will help you to admit a student directly without filling the enquiry forms i.e direct enrollments.

■ Student : The purpose of Student module is to manage records of students admitted in your institute. This module will help you to search all students according to class, Student Reg Number, Academic Year, etc., You can promote student to a higher class after completion of final Exams and as well record student transfers.

■ Fee Payment : The Fee Payment module is designed and developed keeping in view the requirement and comfort of an institute management body. With the help of this module you can collect student fee, installment fine and other miscellaneous fine. You can also view inbrief reports about fee collection and outstanding fee.

■ Attendance : The Attendance module handles the taking of attendance for both student & staff. Enter attendance quickly and easily track attendance information for students and staff. The exact attendance data you need is always at your fingertips including absentee reports.

■ Staff : The Staff module handles creating departments and entering staff particulars. You also have a Facility to issue & print staff termination letter.

■ Timetable : The Timetable module allows to set up the time slots of the various institute periods. Reports like whole week timetable for class and teachers are available. You can also view free staff i.e staff who are not alloted to any period.

■ ID Card : This module allows you to generate and print ID cards for the students and staff.

■ Examination : The Examination module handles everything to do with tests and exams. It features set up tests and exams, export exam schedule, enter marks, generate reports, export reports and print out student report cards.

■ Help Desk : This module is used to view students complete profile for administrative purposes, it includes details about Academic exam, Misc Fine, Attendance and so on. It is a one click information.

■ Today's Thought : A small ad on module that allows you to enter quotes, proverbs or sayings which will be displayed in the right panel.

■ Photo Album : A special module to store & display all institute activity pictures like Annual Day, Sports Day, Excursion, Science Fair etc.,

■ Holidays : A module to maintain a list of planned holidays for the academic year.

■ Knowledge Base : This module allows you to manage full knowledgebase articles and news.

■ Notice Board : The Notice Board module can be used for special announcements, Institute awards, Award Certificates, activities of the institute and so on. All updated information will be displayed in the right panel.

■ Backup : This module will help you to take data backup as a disaster plan. You can also import data.

• Operating System : Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
Windows XP, Windows Vista
Small School Choice
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Author: Smart School Software
License: Shareware
Price: $199
File Size: 11 B
Downloads: 80

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